Instructions on how to use BonusMiner

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Using BonusMiner is easy. Just select casino, set bet size and wager amount, open window with Blackjack game and press 'Start' button. If something appears unclear or confusing, helpful tooltips are ready to assist you in the BonusMiner interface.

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Download & Try it

Download BonusMiner

You can use BonusMiner on few casinos for free to get you started. Check Supported Casinos & Pricing for list of free casino modules for BonusMiner. This list also contains information about actual casino bonuses and prices for casino modules you can buy to your BonusMiner.

Register & Buy casino modules

Before you can buy additional casino modules, go to Member Area and register your account.
After creating your account, a licence key will be generated for your BonusMiner.
Copy licence key to your installed BonusMiner. You can use one licence key only on one computer. BonusMiner will create a Computer ID for your computer (based on hardware configuration of your motherboard and processor).
Licence key you submit in your BonusMiner will be linked with your Computer ID. From this moment, it will be valid only on computer on which you submit it.
Go to your account and buy additional casino modules for your BonusMiner. We provide one week money back guarantee for your purchased casino modules. We recommend to test them on blackjack in 'fun' mode (not 'real money' mode) first. If they would not work (e.g. casino change game layout), we will return your money back.
When you start BonusMiner, it will automatically download and install purchased casino modules and updates.
Each time you use BonusMiner to play Blackjack, session details will be recorded. All this sessions details you can view in your account.