Bonus hunting / clearing with Blackjack bot

turn casino bonuses into your profit and save your time

BonusMiner bot plays Blackjack automatically with optimal strategy, keeping expected loss at the minimum possible level. Therefore this makes him the perfect tool for completing wagering requirements to cash out bonuses from casinos.
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Actual statistics:



Total sign-up

€ 30

Expected profit from
sign-up bonuses:

€ 26

Expected profit from
monthly bonuses:

€ 38 +
Supported Casinos & Pricing

How it Works

your deposit to casino
bonus added to your casino account
expected loss due to wagering requirements for bonus to make him withdrawable
your deposit returned
expected PROFIT

Fulfilling wagering requirements is time consuming and must be done with optimal Blackjack strategy to achieve required result. At this point BonusMiner comes to help you.

If you are not familiar with 'bonus clearing' yet, all the necessary information you can find in How it Works section.

First Steps

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